The best CBD strains of 2021


Below you will find a detailed ranking with the best CBD strains of 2021

In Italy, since the production of high-CBD cannabis has been regulated (December 2016), the flower market of hemp light literally exploded.

On the one hand, there has been an increase in people interested in the multiple benefits of consuming CBD, on the other hand, the simple curiosity of many towards the unique and tasty experience that these fragrant inflorescences offer has increased.

From a system that strictly prohibited it, cannabis emerges with all its versatility and its infinite beneficial properties, generating an accelerated expansion of this new product and its derivatives into the market.

From here, thanks to breeding, we have seen a growing number of hemp products of the highest quality. 

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Breeding and Cannabis light

Artificial breeding or selection, consists of a complex maneuver of selecting the desirable traits of cannabis varieties, in the case of Light cannabis are the high levels of CBD and the very low concentration of THC (as required by law).

This process requires a great deal of effort, time and resources on the part of the breeder, the Breeder, as the selection process is repeated using the best plants of each generation, to selectively fix the chosen characteristics.

Il breeders after rounds of crossings between the best hybrids of each crop, he can deduce that the traits chosen are fixed in the new variety when the following generations do not differ in the presentation of the chemical and organoleptic characteristics selected in the previous generations. 

At this point, the variety can be defined as stable if it produces plants identical to the hybrid parents.

Inquire e choose from thousands of genetics present in the market of weed light sometimes it can get overwhelming, but it's not that hard!

Below you can see the main characteristics of the best CBD strains of 2021.

The best CBD strains of 2021: INCIMA's top 7

To help you narrow down your floral search and find the perfect product for your needs!

In our top 7 we have considered genetics among the best CBD strains of 2021, these vary in the percentages of CBD from the medium to medium-high range.

Orange Kush - CBD 17%


Entirely grown in one of the greenhouse di ON THE TOP, Orange Kush is one of the most popular strains, especially in the United States, where legislation has allowed the cannabis culture to expand and evolve especially from the point of view of the study of genetics.

Generated by crossing Orange Kush and a variety of CBD, the genetic heritage of this quality of cannabis is a hybrid of 75% indica and 25% sativa, with a fruity and earthy aroma, with a taste full of fresh floral sensations.

This mix of features gives a feeling of extreme freshness and clarity, blended with the typical deep relaxation effect of Kush strains.

The strong therapeutic dose related to the need for remain operational and active during the duration of the effect of the CBD, are certainly the elements that allow you to fully benefit from the organoleptic properties of this genetics.

Pineapple Express - CBD 18%

"Pineapple Express" is the original title of an internationally famous American comedy, the protagonist metaphorically speaks of the "parents" of the very rare pineapple hybrid, as if he were their "child", but that cannabis was not and, too...

Either way, an incredibly fitting image considering the presence of male and female sex in hemp plants.

A feature that also allowed genetic experiments between Trainwreck and Hawaiian varieties for the production of Pineapple Express available in the shop of INCIMAITALIA.  

Long-lasting energy and vitality are the main characteristics of our cross, an incredible hybrid dominant sativa, one of the best for the creative productivity and the sense of intuition. 

The compact and resinous buds reach medium size with possible levels of CBD up to 26%, with a sweet scent, very close to fresh apple or mango.

You can experience a decidedly tropical flavor, which leaves room for more precise notes such as pineapple, pine and cedar.

BlueBerry - CBD 18%

The super-awarded resinous buds of Blueberry originals were born in the 70s from DJ Short, breeders American who selected the three genetic strains that created this cannabis variety. 

 The three parent strains in question include:

  • Afghani Indica;
  • Purple Thai Sativa; 
  • Thai sativa.

  • These allow long lasting euphoric and relaxing experience that lovers of the strain also look for in the light version of the pungent BlueBerry, a very pleasant smell of kush, lightly mixed with blueberry, soft and fruity in the fragrance.

    Her big and compact buds they reveal bright intense green tones, contrasted by pleasant orange-bluish shades that simply justify the name "Blueberry" or literally, "Blue Berry". 

    Therapy - CBD 18%


    As if the images suggested by the name of this great cannabis strain weren't enough, you should know that it is also considered the mother of CBD hemp genetics.

    Ideal for insomnia and for a 360 degree relaxation, the Therapy buds, with a floral aroma with fruity notes, boast an all-Italian cultivation!

    Distributed directly by the grower, locally, in the total transparency of careful care, which follows the values ​​of ORGANIC quality of these products.

    Like the rest, all the cannabis on the list with the best CBD strains of 2021, which you can find entirely in the section shop of

    Harleyquinn - CBD 18%

    Harley Quinn's character makes her big screen debut in Suicide Squad, an unpredictable personality who shares many aspects of her psychology with the effects of this CBD flower.

    Harley fans themselves can find in the complex and particular flavors of this genetics, the sweet and feminine soul of this character. 

    Dry and decisive aromas, but at the same time pleasant and citrusy, much appreciated by those who need to enjoy the effects of CBD without suffering the mental strain he is facing during the day.

    Just like Harley's character, who tries to enjoy life despite her troubles and mood swings.

    White Widow - CBD 19%

    The story of the "White Widow" originates in the motherland of many selected cannabis strains that we consume and find available online today, India.

    In the mountains of Kerala, the breeder behind this timeless classic in the history of hemp, found himself with the ideal genetic characteristics contained in the fresh seeds collected in Asia, which when crossed with the Brazilian Sativa variety, created the legendary White Widow.

    Here, our CBD version, presents buds rich in resin like the original strain, with an elegant and dynamic aroma, floral with sensations of citrus and vanilla, to deep relaxation, which facilitates introspection and meditation.

    Best CBD Strains 2021: Opinions and Conclusions

    We have seen the many genetics present on the sativa hemp market today, which allow you to choose the variety you prefer.

    You can make choices based on the taste and aroma, but also with respect to those who may be different benefits that are derived from it.

    ATTENTION: in Italy the use of inflorescences is forbidden if not for collecting use, other countries of the world instead allow their use. Respecting the law is a moral duty and you risk even serious penalties.

    The company INCIMAITALIA who compiled this list, has been dealing with CBD since 2018 and are active throughout Europe.

    Online they provide all the necessary information about the benefits of a local and transparent distribution, and about the EU certifications of the products present in the shop through the customer assistance service active 24/7.

    Also through their shop online, offer a free and ultra-fast shipping service.

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