Incima is a 100% legal Cannabis Light production and marketing company. We started Incima with a simple vision: Hemp and Cannabis Sativa as a consumer product. It's a simple idea with profound consequences for the way cannabis is grown, produced and marketed. Quality standards are important, best practices are important, brand reputation is important.

What do we do

Incima operates scalable and technologically efficient production facilities that use standards of excellence and sustainable processes to grow the best cannabis. Our passion, combined with the skills and the choice of carefully selected genetics guarantee the quality of our Cannabis Light flowers.

The cultivation carried out in greenhouses and indoors allows a continuity of production throughout the year. Incima believes in quality, in the genius loci, in short supply chains, in productions steeped in territory and traditional knowledge, in ethical projects, in personal and distinctive tastes, in attention to detail, in limited editions, in values ​​and sustainability.

How we deliver

Incima delivers throughout Italy in a manner anonymous e guaranteed in 24-48 hours.

We ship all over Europe by courier within 72 hours.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us.

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